Now this girl knows how to write an article! It’s sarcastic and funny while still getting her valid point across. But as entertaining as the article is, it is a little sad to see the sad state of society these days towards women…


All my adult life, I’ve been pretty sure I’m a sentient, even semi-competent human being. I have a job and an apartment; I know how to read and vote; I make regular, mostly autonomous decisions about what to eat for lunch and which cat videos I will watch whilst eating my lunch. But in the past couple of months, certain powerful figures in media and politics have cracked open that certitude.

You see, like most women, I was born with the chromosome abnormality known as “XX,” a deviation of the normative “XY” pattern. Symptoms of XX, which affects slightly more than half of the American population, include breasts, ovaries, a uterus, a menstrual cycle, and the potential to bear and nurse children. Now, many would argue even today that the lack of a Y chromosome should not affect my ability to make informed choices about what health care options and…

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  • Ankur Mithal

    Phew ! Points well made. Though not born with the chromsome deficiency referred to, I have viewed with some suspicion various efforts to shore up “inclusivisity”, “gender diversity at the workplace”, “educating the girl child” etc. as patronising efforts and which seem to be efforts at assuaging the male guilt. I think the effort should be “choosing the best people at the workplace” and “right education for all children”.

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