Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

So my original plan for this blog was for it to be a sort of journal to jot down the events of my day and my thoughts about those events; you know, the traditional uses for a journal?  But now, I’m thinking it might end up being a pseudo version of that where I don’t really blather on about my day – my days are pretty boring and uneventful anyhow – and instead write about random junk that I think about or stumble upon during my day.

Like for example, today I started reading about the Dark Night of the Soul which, for those whom aren’t familiar with it, is a poem and treatise by Saint John of the Cross about, as per Wikipedia, “the painful experience that people endure as they seek to grow in spiritual maturity and union with God”. Now, I don’t consider myself a religious person per se, but my interest here has nothing to do with faith or religion anyway. Let me walk you through how I came to be interested in this. I first started by looking up Douglas Adams after watching the movie Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. (Terrific movie, btw) From there, I learned that he wrote a book called The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, whose title was a parody of the poem by Saint John. I haven’t read it yet, but with a title like that, you can bet that I will at some point.  I then decided to try a different site than my trusty ol’ Wikipedia and came to this site, which describes the concept in a more New Agey kind of way that involves enlightenment and reaching a higher consciousness. I am constantly hopping around from place to place like this, it’s a miracle I managed to stay more or less on the same subject this time…

Towel with the words "Don't Panic" on Towel Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Douglas Adams was a wise man. True words to live by, whether you ever experience your own Dark Tea-Time of the Soul or not...

Whether or not I believe in the whole concept of the Dark Night is irrelevant to me; I just find it intriguing. It’s the same for many subjects with me. I often read about spirituality and reincarnation and different religious concepts. I always keep an open mind for all of these. Who can say if they’re right or not? There is no evidence for or against most of it. I like to entertain the notion of all sorts of ideas while not rejecting any of them. Anyway, there’s just something sad and yet beautiful about the idea of a Dark Night of the Soul, whether you see it in a religious light, or in more of a personal enlightenment way, don’t you think?

Funnily enough, after all this, I haven’t actually gotten around to reading the actual poem…


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