We All Scream For Ice Cream

Ice Creeaaam!!!

Most people have seen this painting before by Edvard Munch, called simply, The Scream; but have they ever stopped to think about WHY the man in the painting is screaming?

Of course they have, Chris. Lots of people have wondered that, and if you would have stopped to do some research, you would know that Edvard Munch actually explained his inspiration as – SHUT UP internal logic! You’re boring. It’s much more fun to try to interpret it ourselves.

So, why is this poor man screaming? Is he screaming for his friends, who seem to be running away and hiding from him in the background? Maybe they couldn’t stand to look at him anymore, since he looks like a wax sculpture of Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone melting in the sun… Or maybe he’s screaming because he’s realized he’s lost his Preciousss (Get it? Because he also looks like Gollum)? Or maybe, just maybe, he’s screaming for ice cream. Because as we all know, I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ice cream… Apparently.

What do you fine readers think? Any thoughts or insights into the true nature of The Scream? Comment and let me know; but no research, you hear me? That’s cheating.


4 responses to “We All Scream For Ice Cream

  • dontthinktheworst

    I don’t think he is screaming, I think he is shouting at the 2 others in the painting “…..watch out its windy over here, my wig just blew off into the sea….”

  • Kenneth320

    I agree with dontthinktheworst. It is not a scream, but a groan. He is undergoing the final formation of becoming a zombie. His so-called “friends” are running down the dock in hopes of pushing out to sea to escape the newly en route zombie. Last I checked, zombies are not known for their impeccable swimming skills, so it works out for the “friends”…for now.

    • Randomdeviations

      Yeah the “for now..” is very apt; it will never work out for the “friends”. In the end, the zombies will always be waiting for them, even if they sail out to some supposedly uninhabited island, which implies that maybe zombies are better swimmers than they would have us believe… :P

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