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Beware Dying Anthropomorphic Birds!


I was walking my dog today and I came upon this sign. I pass it every day when walking by but I’d never stopped and taken a close look before. I was confused, amused and intrigued all at once. It was pretty special. I decided to snap a photo of it to share with you guys; maybe someone out there can enlighten me… What is this supposed to be telling me exactly?

Let analyze this step by step. The top part is pretty clear;  “DANGER” is pretty straightforward and so is the little lightning bolt implying electrocution (unless it’s supposed to be a mountain cracking open or something… but let’s stick with the previous assumption).

So, now we have a man opening a box with a key that’s crossed out and some kind of hemorrhaging fowl (?) flying towards him screaming “Nooooo!!” Actually it’s just “No!”, not a drawn out wail or anything, but I find my way adds drama to the scene, like it’s some kind of slow motion action sequence or something.

I really don’t know what they’re trying to say here… If I open the box I’ll be electrocuted AND assaulted by a dying anthropomorphic bird? Or if I try to open it the dying anthropomorphic bird will come and stop me?

It also says at the bottom “You can be badly hurt”. Now one would normally assume that the electrical components inside the box are what would hurt you, should you choose to mess with them. But now I’m not so sure… Maybe it’s THE BIRD or whatever (seriously, what the heck is that thing and why is it bleeding?) that will hurt you!  Maybe he’s trying to protect something valuable inside the box and the electrocution (or cracking mountain) symbol is just misdirection!

See, they really didn’t think this sign through. They need to be clear in their meaning, otherwise people everywhere will be opening these boxes to find out what’s inside. That or they’ll try to open them just so they can meet the anthropomorphic bird before it dies.

So in the end, if you ever need to create a warning sign, dear readers, stick to the obvious death threats, like skulls, explosions, people in wheelchairs rolling into the mouths of crocodiles… I’m not even kidding about the last one. Here’s a picture, and if you look closely (click to enlarge it), you’ll see that the “Resurrection Parking” (?!) and “Family Beer and Liquor” is nearby, so even if someone should roll to their doom there, they’ll just be brought back to life and then the whole family can go and get drunk. Hooray for signs!

Svenska: Internationell road signs in Kungsträ...
Svenska: Internationell road signs in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9 thoughts on “Beware Dying Anthropomorphic Birds!

  1. O_o Maybe it’s saying that if you open the box, you will be roasted like a chicken? Although that thing looks unnervingly like Woodstock off of The Peanuts. “DO NOT OPEN BOX! YOU WILL CAUSE THE WOODSTOCK DYING!” ?? (ambiguous signs are required, by law, to contain engrish.)

    Does that sign at the bottom say that paraplegics are in danger of barreling down a hill into a pit of hungry alligators? That’s sure what it looks like.

    1. Yup, that’s sure is what it looks like. And according to the photo credit, that picture was taken in Stockholm, Sweden, which, last I checked, wasn’t known for its alligators…

  2. We all need a little “weirdness” in our lives. When you find someone that can appreciate your weirdness, everything will click. Besides, the message is clearly telling you to open it. You “can” get hurt. Didn’t say you will get hurt. It wouldn’t hurt to see what’s inside. Haha

      1. Yea. Stole that quote from your other posts. lol. I think it be cool if you could look up all the weird signs in the world and share. It would be quite a discussion.

    1. Could be… Which would make the bird-thing a hero for stopping the guy from releasing all the evil into the world. Somehow it went from being a warning sign to being a Greek tragedy lol :)

      1. To my way of thinking is the only thing that has some logic in this whole affair. The only justification for the bird or something … a sign from Heaven in form of a pure white winged being, announcing the destruction of this kinda greenish-blue marble, or the color it has now, which gracefully floats, unnoticed of these serious events, in space…

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