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I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Well let’s see, it’s been two days now since my last post. I feel naughty guilty. When I started this blog, I told myself I’m going to post something everyday, no matter what! Even if I don’t feel like it, even if it doesn’t make sense, even if it’s not very good, blah, blah, blah.

I lied, apparently. But know what? While I do feel a little bad for not keeping my promise to myself, I also feel so much better about this whole blog thing. It was really starting to feel like a chore that had to be done or else! Or else what, you might ask? I don’t know, honestly. It was just kind of a vague threat to try to keep myself motivated. Because there’s nothing scarier to a person with a vivid imagination, like myself, than a vague threat after all. It was like Oooo, what’s gonna happen if I don’t write? Probably nothing; but maybe, just maybe, something might happen. Something bad… Yes, all my vivid imagination came up with was “something bad”. Go figure.

But recently, I started to wonder if maybe it wouldn’t be bad at all. Maybe it would be, dare I say, good? I know, I know, the detail and the imagery in this post are astounding aren’t they? I really amaze myself sometimes. I think I should take it up a notch though. So…

Hmmm, interesting, I thought to myself as I stroked my non-existent beard, as one does when one finds something interesting. What could happen if I don’t write for a day or two? Maybe I’d return to find my blog a barren wasteland, devoid of followers who had lost faith in me for not returning. On the other hand, maybe I’d return to find people clamouring for more, desperate for some more of my random ramblings.  Or maybe neither of these things. The possibilities were endless. That’s right, in my world, endless possibilities is equivalent to three.

I was a little hesitant to return, fearful of what I might find… Not really, actually. I mean, it was only two days, so I really didn’t expect anything to change. And I was right. The End.

Oh wait, I forgot to say that the point of all this is that now I feel better about missing a day or two here and there. So in the future, please don’t expect to hear from me every day. I know, it’s sad. You’re allowed to shed one tear of grief, but then you need to be strong. I’ll be back after all. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life! (insert ominous laugh) Here’s looking at you, kid – er, I mean, dear readers!

11 thoughts on “I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

  1. I enjoy reading your blogs as they are definitely random lol. Good for you! I love reading people’s blogs but absolutely despise writing any myself, I just don’t have the talent. Anything you write is better than me, so keep up the good work and enjoy yourself!

  2. Sometimes everyday is too much. When you start out it’s easy to do but the more you blog the longer posts get and you spend as much time reading other people’s stuff. No more than 2 days in between seems good. That’s what I aim for now. It gives people a better chance to read everything as opposed to if they’re busy they might miss a real gem.

  3. You have not only let yourself down, but you have also let us down….

    Stings? If yes, then go back to your one-post per day so I have a buddy to suffer with. :D

    1. Lol, I’m sure you’d make me look magnificent with a beard, but unfortunately I still wouldn’t have a real beard to stroke in thought. I suppose I could stroke the picture, but that might look a little weird…

  4. Well, posting everyday can be too much for me I suppose. I think that blogging should be fun, and if a person is constrained to do it everyday and then feel bad for skipping a day or two, then it ruins the fun =)

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